PTA Spam Email

It has come to my attention that a Spam Email is going around and I wanted to make you aware of it. See below for an image of it. This is email is NOT from Fairview Park PTA. One way you can check is to look at the email address (the Council President Email is not at an AOL account) as well as the fact that it states PTSA (Fairview only has PTA and not PTSA, which involves students as members). If you have ever a question about an email you have received, please reach out to me (Christine McElwee) at [email protected] Thank you!

From: Christine McElwee <p[email protected]>

Date: September 7, 2018 at 1:59:33 PM EDT
Subject: Hi [Name]

Are you available? the PTSA  want to give out some Gift Cards, can you confirm if we can get some today? I will need you to make arrangements on how to get the gift cards so I can advise certain product and domination to procure. Kindly let me know if you get this done.